Icaro: Stubborn Little Thumblings
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Stubborn Little Thumblings

30! Therty years of theatre in the crèches
Uscita: 25-02-2013

ISBN: 978-88-6598-745-2

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"Il nido e il teatro" dates back to 1986, when La Baracca and the Municipality of Bologna started a project involving theatre for children younger than 36 months. This book is for all those who made theatre for very young children make its first steps, but it is, in particular, dedicated to the story of this project developed in Bologna, that has recently turned 30. Here, memory does not mean celebration. It means we should make a selection of what we could find useful to have with us. Anything useful that can be shared and made available to whoever comes next. If we don't leave marks, signs and footprints on the path, then we cannot share it with someone else. Whether they are breadcrumbs or pebbles, we need to leave traces behind us. To get back to them, to look again, to show the way to others, to highlight a detail. This book is made with breadcrumbs and pebbles.